Yukata Cowboy  Season 2

Holy Cow! Renting Cars in LA Can Get You Killed!?




What was your worst nightmare car rental experience?


Japanese Gangsters Always Rings Twice?! 




Just when you thought you mastered the art of answering telephones, Japanese scam artists ring up your phone!?

Hey, I'm not your nurse! 




Have you ever been mistaken for a patient or a hospital staff when you're visiting your loved ones at the hospital?

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe - Where The Hell Do I Belong? 




Have you visited a new country and gotten mistaken for a local? People asking you directions, offering you jobs, trying to kidnap you?!

Hey, lady, that's not my job?!





How often do people misunderstand your occupation and bombard you with requests? How do you avoid getting stuck with tasks you can't perform? 

Hey, Cowboy! This is New York City! 




Master the art of being a true New Yorker & parade with every ethnic group in the Big Apple!

How Much Respect I Gotta Pay Before I Get Paid Back?!





How to bow like a Japanese Cowboy?!


Don't Shoot Me, Sheriff?! My Life Matters Too...!?





Backstage, off stage - everywhere I go, I get mistaken for someone else, even when I'm not acting?!

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