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Lost & Found Cowboy Season 2 (36 minutes in 4 episodes / 2021)


 © Globetrot Productions 2021





Under COVID lockdown in Tokyo, London and Madrid, Yukata Cowboy and his friends struggle to conquer the loneliness of quarantine...




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Lost & Found Cowboy Season 1 (41 minutes in 4 episodes / 2019)


 © Globetrot Productions 2019




Yukata Cowboy, a guileless Japanese-American street performer, meets Cindy, an American dancer in Tokyo. He guides her through Japan’s cultural maze. They begin to perform together and become romantically involved...




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Mona Lisa Cowboy (3 min x 7 episodes / 2017)


© Globetrot Productions 2017




A dramatic comedy about estranged Chinese twins brought together by a Japanese-American cowboy in Paris. Also reveals the backstory of Yukata Cowboy and shows how living abroad can be a curse or a blessing.




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Yukata Cowboy (2 min x 30 episodes in 4 seasons / 2015~2016)


 © Globetrot Productions 2016





Cross-cultural comedy series about living in different countries, inspired by the true life mishaps of Japanese-American filmmaker Atsushi Ogata, self-starring as the "Yukata Cowboy".



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Trick or Treat: I LOVE America! (9 min in 2 episodes/ 2014)


  © MEGWIN TV/ Globetrot Productions 2014



Satiric comedy inspired by the fatal shooting of a Japanese exchange student, who knocked on the wrong house while trick-or-treating in Louisiana. Collaboration with Japanese Youtuber MEGWIN TV. 




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Cast Me If You Can (97 min/ 2010)


© Dream On Productions 2010




A perpetual supporting actor, who lives in the shadow of his famous playwright father, meets his muse, falls in love and struggles to play the lead in his own life. 




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Eternally Yours (15 min/ 2006)


 © Globetrot Productions 2006



Battle of wits between an elderly lady and a conman in the Japanese countryside.




(Commissioned for the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Japan. Selected for New Directors New Films (MoMA & Lincoln Center, New York)