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LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2 wins Best Concept and Best Costume at the British Web Awards (United Kingdom).





Lead Actress Xana del Mar is nominated for Best Actress in Comedy for her role in LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2 at the IAWTV (International Academy of Web Television) Award 2022 (LA).


INDIA - 2nd Place Winner in Web Series Category! 

LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2 awarded at the Jaipur International Film Festival (2022)


LOST & FOUND COWBOY ranked #12:  Web Series World Cup 2021. 







LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2 lead actress Xana del Mar was awarded Best Actress in Comedy at the Asia Web Awards 2021 (Korea).




LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2 wins Best Indie Series Award at the Bilbao Seriesland Festival 2021 (Spain).






LOST & FOUND COWBOY was awarded International Alumni Award for its teams continued achievements over the past years at the Minnesota Web Fest 2021 (USA)






LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2 lead actress Laerke Charlotte Olsvig was awarded Best Rising Star at the Seoul Web Fest 2021 (Korea).



Streaming launched World-Wide on Twisted Mirror TV!

LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 1 & 2 



Season 2  







LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2 trailer wins Honorable Mention at DC Web Fest 2021 (USA).





LOST & FOUND COWBOY wins 2 prizes at Asia Web Awards in Seoul, Korea! 

- Best Social Media and

- Best Trailer for the new season co-starring Danish actress Lærke Charlotte Olsvig and Spanish actress Xana del Mar.




ATSUSHI OGATA wins Best International Narrative Alumni Award at New Zealand Web Fest 2020 for creating his ongoing Yukata Cowboy series and being regular selections & nominations!




️ Michael Ajakwe Jr. Pioneer Award 2020 


The Marseille Web Fest is pleased to announce that this year the ′′ Michael Ajakwe Pioneer Award ′′ was awarded to the talented Atsushi Ogata for its major role in promoting the web series around the world.







LOST & FOUND COWBOY wins Best Comedy TV Episode Award at Portland Comedy Film Festival 2020!

Awarded Best Editing in Italy, Best Rising Star in Korea!


Lost & Found Cowboy Season 1 was awarded at Apulia Web Fest, and lead actress Kellie Holway won at Seoul Web Fest 2019.



"Lost & Found Cowboy"!

Okay, we've seen Yukata Cowboy travel around the world. Where do we find him now? In front of one of the major landmarks of Tokyo with super-talented cast & crew!  We're filming a new spinoff! Stay tuned!

Thanks to co-star Kellie Holway, Director of Photography Motomu Ishigaki, Gaffer Mike Hechanova and Camera Assistant Paul Illge Jr. , Line-Producer Yoichi Sakurai, Hair-Make Up Nana Kozakai, Assistant Director Takafumi Foo Sakabe, Production Assistant Mei Maeda & the rest of our team for all your hard work & contributions! Great photos by Andrew Hartsell! 



MONA LISA COWBOY wins Special Jury Prize at DC Web Fest 2018, Washington DC, USA!


“Charming & fast-paced while inspiring to creators & potential creators. With good character & story, a creator can succeed in excellence — DIY with panache!”


The prize was handed to the creator/director Atsushi Ogata by Joel Bassaget from Web Series World Cup!  Thank you!


(April 7th, 2018. MakeOffice Glover Park, Washington D.C., USA)






(October 27th, 2017. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain)







Yukata Cowboy wins Best Sketch Comedy at Seoul Web Fest, Korea! (2017)








Yukata Cowboy Awarded at DC WebFest, Washington DC, USA (2017)




BRAVO!!! "Yukata Cowboy" wins Best Web TV at Webfest Montréal, Canada! (2016)










Yukata Cowboy wins Best Screenplay at Seoul K Web Fest, Korea! (2016)


Cinema & Book Launch!  Yukata Cowboy in Tokyo (2016)

Yukata Cowboy wins Best Actor, Best Editing (Sketch) & Golden Star (economical series) at Rome Web Awards 2016!






Yukata Cowboy wins Best Comedy Sketches at Dub Web Fest 2015 (Ireland)






Yukata Cowboy wins Best Character &  Web Series Mag Interview Awards

 at Bilbao Web Fest 2015 (Spain)




Yukata Cowboy wins

Best Creative Concept

at Miami Web Fest 2015





At the Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam, Yukata Cowboy introduced and screened his work 14 times in front of their festival audience. (The Netherlands, 2015)





Atsushi Ogata wins Special Mention for Outstanding Performance as an Actor at Sicily Web Fest 2015 (Italy) for his role in Yukata Cowboy !




Texas - Japan-America Society Screening 3 City Tour


Cast Me If You Can in Houston, Austin, San Antonio  (2013)


Bay Area Screening & Talk Events - Cast Me If You Can


Japan Society of Northern California & Orinda Theater  (2012)


Inflight Screenings - Jetstar, China Southern, Aeroflot Airlines


Cast Me If You Can screened in international flights (2012)


DVD Released in North America (2012) - Cast Me If You Can 


LA Screening & Talk Events - Cast Me If You Can


Japan Foundation, USC & Regency Academy Theater Pasadena   (2010~2012)

Boston - Awarded Indie Spirit Special Recognition Prize


Cast Me If You Can at Boston International Film Festival  (2010)

NY Premiere - Japan Society/ Friars Club Comedy Film Festival


Cast Me If You Can (2010) (with Co-Producer Cineric, Inc.) 

Japan - Theatrical Release in 15 cities 


Cast Me If You Can (2010)

World Premiere - Shanghai International Film Festival (China)


Cast Me If You Can  (2010)


Eternally Yours

International Premiere at New Directors/ New Films

(MoMA, Lincoln Center, New York) 


Eternally Yours (2007)

Best Short Film Award (Bangkok International Film Festival)  


Eternally Yours (2007)




Best Concept & Best Costume for LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2, British Web Awards 2022 (United Kingdom)

Second Place Winner for LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2, 14th Jaipur International Film Festival 2022 (India)

Best Actress in Comedy for Xana del Mar in LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2, Asia Web Awards 2021 (Korea)

Unstoppable Indie Series Award for LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2, Bilbao Seriesland 2021 (Spain)

International Alumni Award for LOST & FOUND COWBOY, Minnesota Web Fest 2021 (USA)

Best Rising Star for Laerke Charlottte Olsvig in LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2, Seoul Web Fest 2021 (Korea)

Honorable Mention for LOST & FOUND COWBOY Season 2 trailer, DC Web Fest 2021 (USA)

Best Social Media & Best Trailer for LOST & FOUND COWBOY, Asia Web Awards 2020 (Korea)

Best International Narrative Alumni Award for ATSUSHI OGATA, New Zealand Web Fest 2020 (New Zealand)

Best Comedy TV Episode Award for LOST & FOUND COWBOY, Portland Comedy Film Festival 2020 (USA)

Michael Ajakwe Jr. Pioneer Award 2020 for Atsushi Ogata, Marseille Web Fest 2020 (France)

Best Editing for LOST & FOUND COWBOY, Apulia Web Fest 2020 (Italy)

Best Pilot for LOST & FOUND COWBOY, Asia Web Awards 2019 (Korea), 

Best Rising Star for Kellie Holway in LOST & FOUND COWBOY, Seoul Web Fest 2019 (Korea)

Special Jury Prize for Mona Lisa Cowboy, DC Web Fest 2018 (USA), 

Best Costume Design, Asia Web Awards 2017 (Korea)

Best Actor (Star AMETS) to Atsushi Ogata in Mona Lisa Cowboy, Bilbao Seriesland 2017 (Spain),

Best Sketch Comedy, Seoul Web Fest 2017(Korea) 

Best Actor & Best Film Editing (Sketch Comedy), Rome Web Awards 2016 (Italy), 

Silver Award, 5th DC Web Fest 2017 (USA) 

Best Screenplay, 2nd K Web Fest 2016 (Korea) 

Best Web TV, 2nd Montreal Web Fest 2016 (Canada)

Web Series Word Cup 2015 #12 Ranking

Best Comedy Sketches, Dublin Web Fest 2015 (Ireland), 

Best Creative Concept, Miami Web Fest 2015 (USA)

Best Character (Amets) & Web Series Mag Interview Awards, Bilbao Web Fest 2015 (Spain)

Special Mention for Outstanding Performance as an Actor, Sicily Web Fest (Italy) 


NOMINATED - Best Actress in Comedy (Xana del Mar), IAWTV 2022 (USA), Best Director & Actor (Atsushi Ogata), New Zealand Web Fest 2021 (New Zealand), Best Actor (Atsushi Ogata) Apulia Web Fest 2021 (Italy), Best Quarantine Series, Rio Web Fest 2021 (Brazil), Best Sketch Comedy, Best Editing, Best Costume Design (Ayako Kuroha) and Best Score/Soundtrack (Masataka Odaka), New Jersey Web Fest 2021 (USA), Best Sketch Comedy/Sitcom, Miami Web Fest 2021 (USA), Best Idea & Best Actor, Die Seriale (Germany), Best International Comedy, Bogota Web Fest 2020 (Columbia),  Best Pilot, Die Seriale 2020 (Germany), Best Pilot & Best Alumni, New Zealand Web Fest 2019, Best Mockumentary, Miami Web Fest 2019 (USA), 

Tuscany Web Fest 2017 (Italy), Die Seriale 2017 (Germany), Austin Web Fest 2017 (USA),  Wendie Webfest Hamburg 2016 (Germany), Roma Web Fest  2016(Italy), Best Male Performance, Rio Web Fest 2015 (Brazil) ,Best Vlogger, Rio Web Fest 2016, 2017 & 2018, Best Sketch, Dub Web Fest 2016


SELECTED - 10th Camera Japan Festival (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), 

21st Tous-Ecrans Geneva International Film Festival (Switzerland),  

3rd T.O.Web Fest (Canada).





Special Recognition Award for ‘Cast me if you can’, Boston International Film Festival, USA. 2011.

Best Actress Award for ‘Cast me if you can’, Cyprus International Film Festival. 2012.

Best Actress Award for ‘Cast me if you can’, California Independent Film Festival. 2011.

Best Original Score Award for ‘Cast me if you can’, Feel Good Film Festival. 2010.

Best Title Sequence Award for ‘Cast me if you can’, Action On International Film Festival. 2010.

Indie Soul Best Story Line Award for ‘Eternally Yours’, Boston International Film Festival, USA. 2008.

Seahorse Award (Short Film) for ‘Eternally Yours’, Moondance International Film Festival. 2007.

Best Short Film Award for ‘Eternally Yours’, Bangkok International Film Festival, Thailand. 2007.

TVF2003 Prize for ‘The Dutch Touch’, JVC Tokyo Video Festival, Japan. 2003.



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