Yukata Cowboy Tailer, Promo & Review Clips

Step Aside, Cowboy! Let Me Show You How The English Do It In Tokyo!?


Wow! Innovative English stage director outshines Yukata Cowboy in the streets of Tokyo?!

Hey, Maestro! How do I promote my web series in world's most exotic locals?

"Making my new web series 'Yukata Cowboy' was a very private process. It was also a form of therapy after my dad's passing... Coming from a film background, I didn't have much experience promoting my work online, but by attending new emerging web festivals around the world, suddenly, I came in contact with a passionate and enthusiastic community of web series creators, reviewers and festival directors! Discussing with them made it much easier to talk about my series and connect with the audience!

Hey, Dad! Thanks For Always Being So Funny!

"My father Shijuro Ogata was the funniest man I know. Growing up listening to him, I must have picked up his sense of humor...," says Yukata Cowboy creator Atsushi Ogata when asked by Roland Kelts (author ofhttp://www.japanamericabook.com/)...

Hey, cowboy, did you really train yourself in Dutch showers with an umbrella wearing a suit!?

American actor Bob Werley and Japanese YouTuber Bandy (BEGIRAGONS/MEGWIN TV) join Yukata Cowboy for talk & Q&A about their last award-winning collaboration "Trick or Treat: I LOVE America!" & "Yukata Cowboy" at Tollywood in Shimokita, Tokyo. But then, the audience starts questioning Yukata Cowboy every which way you can imagine!?

Hey, cowboy, let me teach you some theater manners!

Shut Your Face Yukawa Cowboy! This Ain't Your Turf! Just when you thought you mastered all the theater etiquettes, a straw-sucking cowboy gets unleashed in the cinema! Can YouTuber Bandy (BEGIRAGONS/MEGWIN TV) stop him? Can you? What's the new etiquette?

Join us in Shimokita, Tolllywood Theater, Tokyo!

Hey, Which Way Is Tollywood? Where Are Our Actors, Youtubers, Journalists?!

Can't find the way to Tollywood? Walk down the streets of Shimokita, Tokyo, with Yukata Cowboy! He'll take you to the cinema! Join Yukata Cowboy, meets Bandy from the BEGIRAGONS Youtube channel, actors Bob Werley from NHK Taiga Drama, Toru Masuoka from Cast Me If You Can & Eternally Yours, Tsutomu Ishiai from Asahi Newspaper and everyone else!

Japanese Cowboy Loose In Temple Bar!?

Friend or foe? What happens when a Japanese Cowboy swings through Dublin... !? 

Don't Strangle Me, John Wayne! 

What happens when a Japanese Cowboy visits the Rotterdam fish market with a lasso?

Lost In Bilbao: Legend Of A Japanese Cowboy!?

What was your most absurd encounter in a restaurant rest room? Taking pictures of a lovely bathtub with a stranger? Hear how Yukata Cowboy turned into a legend in Bilbao, Spain.

Rope Me If You Can! Japanese Cowboy Flies 6,000 Miles To Korea, Berlin and Sicily! 




Yukata Cowboy talks about his "World Tour", visiting Korea, Berlin and Sicily.

Catch That Lasso Swinging Japanese Cowboy In Beverly Hills?! 




Yukata Cowboy talks about who he thinks he is.

What do you think of Yukata Cowboy?



Leandro Silva (Founder of Rio Web Fest) talks about what he thinks of Yukata Cowboy.