Yukata Cowboy Season 3

Wow! How I Became A Regular On Dutch TV!? 


Almost true story of how I ended up every week on Dutch national TV!? (Yukata Cowboy Season 3 Episode 8)

Hey, Cowboy! Give Me Back My Shoes!?


Ever get mistaken for a sales clerk?  How often did you walk off with someone else's shoes? (Yukata Cowboy Season 3 Episode 7)

Knock, Knock - Who On Earth Is Knocking On My Door?!


Who was your most surprising visitor? (Yukata Cowboy Season 3 Episode 6 with CLOSED CAPTIONS) 

Stairway to heaven knows what?!


What was your most absurd experiences going up & down the stairs? (Yukata Cowboy Season 3 Episode 5) 

Hey, Take Me To My Table, Twit!


What was your most absurd experiences going to a restaurant? (Yukata Cowboy Season 3 Episode 4)

Car Wash Weather, Here I Come! Rainy Night In Amsterdam! 

Train yourself to survive the rainy Dutch weather! (Yukata Cowboy Season 3 Episode 3)

How to "tawk like a New Yawk-kah"!


How to "tawk like a New Yawk-kah" and live care-free & rent-free in the Big Apple? Teach me the art of being a "parasite house guest"!

Karaoke Cowboy Lost In A Masquerade...?! 

"Harmony" is the essence of Japanese society, but how do you attain it without losing your identity!?