Yukata Cowboy  Season 2

Episode 8 Holy Cow! Renting Cars in LA Can Get You Killed!?

What was your worst nightmare car rental experience?

Episode 7 Japanese Gangsters Always Rings Twice?! 

Just when you thought you mastered the art of answering telephones, Japanese scam artists ring up your phone!?

Episode 6 Hey, I'm not your nurse! 

Have you ever been mistaken for a patient or a hospital staff when you're visiting your loved ones at the hospital?

Episode 5  Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe - Where The Hell Do I Belong? 

Have you visited a new country and gotten mistaken for a local? People asking you directions, offering you jobs, trying to kidnap you?!

Episode 4: Hey, lady, that's not my job?!



How often do people misunderstand your occupation and bombard you with requests? How do you avoid getting stuck with tasks you can't perform? 

Episode 3 Hey, Cowboy! This is New York City! 

Master the art of being a true New Yorker & parade with every ethnic group in the Big Apple!

Episode 2. How Much Respect I Gotta Pay Before I Get Paid Back?!

How to bow like a Japanese Cowboy?!


Episode 1.  Don't Shoot Me, Sheriff?! My Life Matters Too...!?

Backstage, off stage - everywhere I go, I get mistaken for someone else, even when I'm not acting?!