Yukata Cowboy  Season 1 (Ep 1~7)

(with optional English language subtitles/captions.)

Yukata Cowboy (Season 1 Episode 7)  Biking in Amsterdam

Biking & kissing, Amsterdam style!


Absurd tips & tricks of biking & kissing in the Netherlands!



Yukata Cowboy (Season 1 Episode 6)  New York Teenager

Beat the odds in New York like a Japanese Cowboy?


Absurd tips & tricks to surviving in New York. Check out how Yukata Cowboy tries to beat the odds!?



Yukata Cowboy (Season 1 Episode 5) Traveling

When 300 fellow passengers ask you for help...?! 


Do people ask you to help them fill out their forms?



Yukata Cowboy (Season 1 Episode 4) European Trains

Facing Gypsies & Skin Heads in European Trains!? 


What were your most absurd encounters, riding trains in Europe?



Yukata Cowboy (Season 1 Episode 3)

Making Friends in Europe & Japan using an American Accent!?


With an American Accent, even a Japanese Cowboy can Open Hearts, Minds & Fists across Europe & beyond…?!



Yukata Cowboy (Season 1 Episode 2)

Elevators - Love Them or Leave Them! 


Look Out Japanese Cowboy - beware who you get on the elevator with…. Just when you think you’ve mastered elevator-riding etiquette, up comes a whole new ball game….



Yukata Cowboy (Season 1 Episode 1)


Riding Tokyo Subways Like A Japanese Cowboy?! 


Absurd tips & tricks to surviving Tokyo trains. Check out how Yukata Cowboy tries to beat the odds!?