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Globetrotting director Atsushi Ogata tries his hand at a romantic comedy... in a country where there are no romantic comedies (by Sarah Cortina)


DVD Review: CAST ME IF YOU CAN, Romantic Comedy From Atsushi Ogata (by Christopher Bourne)


'Cast me if you can' : A comedy of oddballs

A pantie thief, a poker-faced jailer and a dwarf-like agent are just three of the strange characters that clash in Japanese director Atsushi Ogata's new film. (by Melinda Joe)

Japan Times

Playing it for laughs the understated way

New director forges a fresh direction in Japanese comePlaying it for laughs the understated way


Metropolis Magazine Cinema Review

I don’t usually feature Japanese films here, but occasionally one comes along like this delight by writer/director/producer Atsushi Ogata that is subtitled in English and charming enough to warrant a look.

(by Don Morton)

Japan Spotlight

NHK Japanese National TV

Nihon TV "Zoom in!  SUPER"

TV Tokyo "100 people who change Japan"

UTB Marudashi (Los Angeles)

Trick or Treat: I LOVE America!

WGA (Buzz Section - November, 2014)


Atsushi Ogata (Cast me if you can) wrote & directed a satirical Halloween comedy "Trick or Treat: I LOVE America", premiering in two parts online for the Halloween season - a unique collaboration with MEGWIN, one of Japan’s popular YouTube comedy creators. Based loosely on the shooting incident in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1992, when a Japanese exchange student was shot to death for knocking on the wrong house for Halloween, the film plays on more recent incidents in America involving gun-control, prejudice and patriotism. Filmed in English at the new YouTube Space Tokyo,  Part 1 had 22,000 + viewers overnight and made it to the official YouTube Japan channel.

Shukan NY Seikatsu 

Eternally Yours

New Directors New Films 

Atsushi Ogata On The Well-Shot Comedy and Change In Japan

In "Eternally Yours," when a crook attempts to take advantage of a forgetful elderly woman, surprises are in store.  -Interview by Jon Robbins

Japan Spotlight


Japan Spotlight