With a cowboy hat, Japanese "yukata" (casual summer garment) and rapid-firing tongue, the Most Mistaken Man in the World drifts across different cultures in the U.S., Japan and Europe.  Everywhere he goes, he tries to fit in, but the more he fits in, the more he gets mistaken for someone else...


An autobiographical fish-out-of-water comedy based on true life mishaps of Japanese-American filmmaker Atsushi Ogata, self-starring as the “Yukata Cowboy.


This cross-cultural series consists of (30) 3-minute episodes, each focusing on an aspect of every day life across the globe, such as elevators, bowing, house guests, dining alone, riding trains or attending parades. The Yukata Cowboy tries to learn the ropes, gets mistaken for someone else and struggles through the paradoxes of being an outsider with a smile.


Atsushi plays multiple characters; employs disheveled costumes, makeshift wigs, animated tchotchkes and anything else he can lay his hands on; to re-enact his many adventures. Similarly, he throws everything but the kitchen sink into his edits - archival footage, snapshots, sound effects of 1910 car horns - to make the point that we humans really are capable at laughing at any situation - good, bad or ugly.


The tone is witty and light-hearted, suitable for multi-cultural, educated, family audiences.


(presented with optional English language subtitles/captions)


Creative Consulting Producer: Sian Evans (Farthest Films)

Titles: Ben Hillman & Company

2nd Camera: Bandy, Raymond Ressy, Marcus Wilkinson, Nina Hasin

Animation: Karim Cherif, Ben Hillman

Music: "Niminy-Piminy" by Pascal Plantinga

Social Media and Outreach Coordinator: Arika Yanaka

Online Editing: Miki Inagawa

Japanese Subtitling: Orie Fukushi


Special Thanks to Robin Jones, Soraya Umewaka, John Amari, Creator Up, Brian Rodda